Sacks Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Sacks Packaging is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions to our consumers. Our innovative products protect on-the-go and on-the-shelf food and personal care products, ensuring hygiene and safety. This is done by Sacks Packing investing in the world class flexible printing technology and we are proud to say we have the latest and technologically advanced printers in South Africa.

We embed sustainability in everything we do by using water based inks.

The variety of our possibilities in the production of flexible packaging ranges from the specific spiral-wound composite can labels for stacked chips to the individual film bags for FFS application.

We are committed to achieving carbon neutral production and designing all our products to be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030. Our sustainable packaging solutions are world-leading and designed for circularity.

We value ourselves as a flexible and innovative company, thereby gladly adapting to ever-changing customer needs. We also pride ourselves in ensuring the best possible protection of the environment, the continuous reduction of our environmental impact and make sure to comply with legal regulations.


SO, OMP, PSV, PB (self opening, open mouth pasted, pasted sleeve valve, pinch bottom)

Application – Mining powders and blends, Hydroscopic powders, Tile adhesive, Sugar, LignoSulphate, Lime, Plastic beads, Food ingredients, Soaps, Margerine and many more.

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Sacks Packaging variants currently supplied to this segment, include: 5kg to 50kg SO, OMP, PSV and PB packaging