Sacks Packaging

Sugar Packaging

Our Sugar bags are ideal for maximizing the shelf life and on shelf display of your brands. The rectangular base allow your products to sit upright in shelf ready trays or directly onto Retailers shelves. These bags also feature an innovative fold on the base to minimize sifting of sugar in distribution and when on display. Our world class paper Kraft used in these bags construction ensure that our bags have a rigid structure when packing and on display.
We are also able to offer world class complex printing to our Customer for the Pre-mix market.

Additional features are:

  • Stands upright on a shelf, with six large flat sides perfect for displaying your brand.
  • White, brown & High Wet Strength (HWS) kraft paper
  • Single ply and multi-ply structures
  • Glossy laminate outer for outstanding shelf appeal
  • Poly laminated inner for increased shelf life stability


OMPB – Baler Bag (Open-Mouth Pasted Bottom) and Self opening bag

Application – Horse feed, Charcoal, Wool, secondary packaging for pre-packs (medical products), small packs of sugar etc.

Closure – Sewing, taping, or gluing

Sizer – Minimum and maximum width – 180mm to 600mm with minimum and maximum length – 250mm to 1180mm

Top/Bottom Size – 70mm – 180mm

Min Order – 10 000

More Info

Sacks Packaging variants currently supplied to this segment, include:
250g Self Opening Bag
500g Self Opening Bag
1kg Self Opening Bag
2.5kg Self Opening Bag
5kg Self Opening Bag
10kg Self Opening Bag
12.5kg Self Opening Bag
10kg – 25kg Pasted Sleeve multilayer sack
10kg – 25kg Open-Mouth Sewn multilayer sack
10kg – 25kg Open-Mouth Pinched Bottom multilayer sack
10kg – 25kg Open-Mouth Pasted Bottom multilayer sack